How are the recession and divorce rates related?

It’s easy to assume that tough financial times bring tough martial times. To some extent, that can be true, but it doesn’t always mean a spike in divorce rates. In fact, some couples are more hesitant to get divorced in precarious financial times.

Despite the up and down nature of the economy over recent years, the divorce rate has kept pretty steady at around 50 percent over the last five years, according to an article posted to USA Today’s website.

One expert says that people have accepted that a bad financial situation is the “new normal.” This has led to some creative living and child custody arrangements.

More couples are staying in the home during the foreclosure process, and some are doing what’s called “nesting.” This involves keeping the children in the home, and having the mother and father rotate in and out. While one parent stays with the kids in the home, the other will go live with friends or to a shared apartment.

Nesting requires a lot of trust between estranged spouses, however. If couples are particularly private about their possessions, it may not be the best idea, since there is so much shared living space.

Strangely, if some couples are just waiting for an economic recovery to get divorced, some of them turn to websites devoted to married people looking for “discreet encounters.” One such site has grown steadily over the last several quarters. One of its representatives refers to the company as a “recession-growth business,” according to USA Today.

One thing seems clear – even if the recession does not lead to higher divorce rates, it can reveal changes in people’s behaviors. A criminal attorney in Monroe, LA understands these issues and will work their hardest to fix them.

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