Facebook and Divorce

It’s not exactly news that divorce has become more common for baby boomers. Divorce has doubled for people over the age of 50 in the last 20 years, even though U.S. divorce rates have declined generally. A recent Bloomberg article asks, “Why?” and one of the answers might surprise you.
Social media. More and more people of that generation are logging onto Facebook and catching up with their old classmates. It might sound harmless enough, but they’re also reuniting with people from their past, including lovers. Even without any intention, an innocent email can turn into an affair.
Indeed, a recent survey of attorneys indicates that there is an increase in divorce cases that use social media networking as evidence. According to Bloomberg, it’s quite possible that’s true for divorce among baby boomers.
But why would someone in a seemingly happy marriage want to mess things up? It doesn’t always start out that way. A psychology professor at California State University says that sometimes there are “accidental affairs.” Those involve people who do not intend to have a physical or emotional relationship outside their marriage, but it happens anyway thanks to social networking sites like Facebook.
According to the Bloomberg article, which was written by a research scientist, people often romanticize the past, and it can actually affect our neurochemistry. So, intense feelings toward another person might not disappear after a breakup, even years later. That can lead to reconnections no one was expecting.
It can be shocking to baby boomers. While most internet connections don’t lead to affairs, it serves as a note of caution for those who friend their high school sweethearts on Facebook. Being injured in a car accident during a tough divorce can also¬†have multiple physical and emotional problems.

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