Children and Divorce

On behalf of Howard J. Pfeffer, Esq. Attorney at Law posted in Divorce on Friday, January 13, 2012
Divorce can be especially hard on children when the parents don’t adequately keep children out of the fray. Unfortunately, many parents find themselves battling for the support and affection of their children — even when this is not necessary — and others use children as pawns in a divorce fight.

Yuma auto accident attorneys note that this can be very damaging to children in the long term, and it can also harm relations between parents and their children. Divorcing parents need to understand the effects their actions will have on their children, and it is wise for parents to set rules for themselves to minimize the unnecessary stress the divorce places on their family.
Parents should always allow their children to remain neutral throughout the divorce process, and once it is finalized. This also means allowing children to stay silent on the subject — your children should not feel pressured to comment or add their own opinions into the mix. Some children are more comfortable staying completely out of the separation, and there’s nothing wrong with doing just that.

Parents also need to understand that children have a right to maintain a relationship with the other parent, no matter how difficult this might be for one parent to accept. This means respecting your child’s time when they are with your former spouse — do not call or interrupt this time, even when the interruption is positive.

Finally, keep your children out of arguments between their parents. Children cannot constructively contribute to a fight, but they can become emotional and afraid if the argument becomes heated. The arguments are of no concern to the children even when fighting revolves around the kids, and it’s best to let them steer clear of it all.

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